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In the historic Indian town of Agra, you can find a very unusual tour company, which is owned by a charming young man named Raj. Although Raj's official job is to show off the historical landmarks of Agra, including the legendary Taj-Mahal, his true mission is to heal the souls of his broken "birds," as he affectionately refers to his tour participants.

His business operates purely upon word-of-mouth referrals, ensuring that all of his tour members arrive in Agra with their hearts in their hands, ready for the spiritual growth and cleansing that Raj is known to provide. Healing the hearts of the spiritually damaged can be a difficult job, and in this particular tale, Raj finds himself faced with his most challenging tour group yet. 

​First, there is Ira, a stunningly gorgeous but fragile young woman on the brink of suicide. Next, we meet Darci and Lennard, a couple on the verge of divorce. 
Then there is Carl, an irritable, antisocial workaholic who has burned all of his bridges.

Lastly, we meet Asha, an elderly widow who still yearns for the company and comfort of her late husband.

​When disaster strikes the tour group, everything is thrown into jeopardy, including lives, relationships, and Raj's very reputation as a tour guide. Raj must find a way to lift the spirits of these five special travelers, even in the face of death and despair. Venture into the unknown and discover how Raj Touristry heals the brokenhearted, one soul at a time. 
My Views:
VOYAGERS INTO THE UNKNOWN is a unique story (my first of this genre) and a compelling story. 5 foreigners come to Agra not just for sight seeing but also to transform their lives. It is their journey of discovery of self along with discovering new people and new places.

Raj who runs ‘Raj Touristry,’ promises his ‘birds’ as he calls them that the trip will change their lives forever. True to his words, with the unexpected turn of events, his clients leave India changed…forever.

This is a fast paced story, which gives us a quick glimpse into the lives of the travelers, their cause of worry the emotional hang ups and baggage’s they have in their lives which is hindering their progress as an individual and living life to the fullest.

The tragedy that strikes, the life that is lost, an irreparable damages caused in a relationship, some bridges crossed, new friendships forged, the guilt and the regret, finally moving on…this story is high on emotional roller coaster ride.

I also liked this story because of the little nuggets of wisdom thrown here and there. This is done so subtlety that it does not sound preachy.

Ruchira has done a very good job. Liked the way the she has conceived the story and executed it.
I do like to mention that sometimes the story moves at a lightening speed as if the author is in a hurry to close that chapter or the story of a particular character.

In a way Ruchira has outdone herself in this. There is a steep improvement in terms of narration and the character building. Also she has grown as a writer. For each one of us out there, I am sure we will resonate atleast with one character from this story.
Ruchira Khanna comes up with another tale touching another aspect of humanity; empathy and compassion.
Can philosophy change a person’s perception or her/his outlook in life?
Serious questions raised but then this kind of books makes you ponder, question your belief and something which I sincerely doubt I can ever do in my life – forgive and move on.

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